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Oasis Update

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Oasis Update in: Oasis Project


The hospital Auxiliary has created “Oasis@3North: A project of the AUXILIARY”.

With the help of several generous donors (of money, expertise, and muscle-power), especially gold donor Quality Foods, we are transforming the rooftop. Donors are paid tribute just inside the Oasis door.  If you have donated funds or expertise, perhaps you could mention your support on your site or letterhead.

It started out like this:

And then the first year, it looked more like this ---------

Patients, visitors, volunteers, and staff agree that it is a very welcome addition, giving everyone a place to pace, decompress, eat lunch, and chat.

The vines are growing up the pergola, the tables are wheel-chair friendly, and there are lots of benches, too.

If you have donated, we offer a big, wet kiss. But the Auxiliary could still do more at the Oasis.


Here’s our wishlist:

  • The MIRAGE could blossom!  The first thing you see when you open the door to the Oasis is that ugly, empty square with the huge ducts in the picture on the right. One planter helps, but something decorative on the ducts, improvement is needed to complete the rooftop. cost: flexible

Gifts, combined with the Auxiliary donation, have made the Oasis very special.  Do you have something to give, to make the Oasis better and create the Mirage?  Please contact us with your ideas, support, questions, or to get a pledge form.  We give tax receipts.


Valerie Smith, President
250-598-3385 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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