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The Auxiliary since 1983

35 years young 35 years young

The Auxiliary since 1983

Victoria General Hospital Auxiliary was founded at the opening of the hospital in the 80s and charter members still participate.  Its mandate is to be a fund-raiser for the hospital to purchase equipment and amenities each year.  It started with a project to provide car seats for the new-borns, building the helipad, buying the front doors, and totals over three million dollars spent so far.

Back then women, with an interest in medicine and often with time on their hands too, worked very hard to create the shop in the hospital concourse.  It is still a huge success, providing hundreds  of thousands of dollars for the Auxiliary to spend each year.  These days the membership is close to a hundred working and retired women and men, about half of whom run this shop without any paid help.  Money is also earned from other sales and projects.  It's a good place to make new friends.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or pick up an application form in the gift shop if you are interested.

Poinsettias for Patients started in 2010 and each year excellent plants grown very locally are sold for Christmas to businesses, clubs, churches, and individuals as decoration and gifts for public places and homes.  Besides buying an item for the hospital, Poinsettia Santas give patients stuck in hospital over the holidays an anonymous gift of a poinsettia for their rooms.  Buyers of Christmas plants often add a couple to their orders.  In the pandemic, Poinsettias for Patients offered customers a chance to play FrontLine Santa, by donating to provide a poinsettia to essential workers who run the physical plant and others.

The Auxiliary knitters provide the Shop with baby layettes, caps, booties, etc.

The Oasis@3North: A PROJECT OF THE AUXILIARY  is the transformation of the rooftop at 3 north into a place to relax or pace for patients, visitors, volunteers, and staff.

The plants in the cafeteria and the concourse are provided and maintained by the Auxiliary.

A most essential project was getting and financing public Wifi so patients, visitors, and volunteers can use email.

There is a lab at the hospital only for out-patients.  The lab doing blood tests serves  20,000 people every year, one-third of whom are children.  That part of the lab is well  out of date and the Auxiliary has committed to improving it over the coming years.  Proceeds from Poinsettias for Patients this year went to helping nervous kids relax more, providing Virtual Reality along with a mural to entertain and distract them.