Thursday, 29 November 2018 10:08


Leigh Rae Phelps won $1,000 from the Auxiliary


Awarded to a Health and Human Services student who demonstrated excellent performance during a clinical placement at VGH.

Phelps chose nursing when her mother got lung cancer, which took her life.  She says,"The nurses who cared for my mother also cared for me as their patient.  These nurses inspired me to be a better person and I made it my lifetime goal and passion to give back to others what was given to me at that time."  She was surprised and grateful that of all the students she won our award.  She has student loans and want to go on to become a Registered Nurse.

"Thank you...and please know that I will repay this amazing gesture by being the absolute best nurse I can."

Howard Smith, Nelles Shackleton, and President Val Smith attended the touching (and delicious) reception to make the presentation to Nurse Phelps.  This was the second of a three-year commitment to Camosun.