Saturday, 05 May 2018 15:31

Saanich Police advise -- don't send money to someone on the phone.

If you sent your money in response to a phone call or an email, you can probably kiss it good-bye forever.


Saanich police spoke to Auxiliary members and warned them that the Government does not communicate by phone or email.  So don't send any payment.  The Government has formal ways of getting payments from you.


Do not respond to anyone on the phone, whether they say they are your credit card, your computer, of your income tax people....they aren't.  They may know a lot about you and you may think it is safe, but it isn't.

If you get a phone call from anyone you don't know, hang up.  When you see an email that looks official there are a couple of things to do:  First, carefully read the sender's email address -- it will probably be complicated and confusing -- and, second, DO NOT OPEN IT.  Just clicking on it to open it can give fraudsters and hackers entree into your whole computer and sometimes the computers of your correspondents too.  With some computer email programs, you can organize the screen so you get to see the whole message without actually clicking it open.  Just reading some of those demented ungrammatical messages will make it evident that no company executive wrote it.

If you have fallen prey to these jokers, it's best to admit it.  Reporting it will help your friends and neighbours from falling into the same trap.

Here are some contact numbers:

Police 911 if it's really urgent

Non-emergency police in Saanich 250-475-4321 (even if you don't live in Saanich, they will direct you)

Anti-Fraud Centre 1-888-495-8501

Internet Crimes

Better Business Bureau 250-386-6348

Transunion Credit Bureau 1-877-713-3393

Equifax Credit Bureau 1-800-465-7166 (Choose Option 3)