Help us get orders for Christmas 2018

With the help of the Victoria Hospitals Foundation, the Vic General Auxiliary has purchased a $7,500 blanket warmer for our babies, an $11,000 stretcher for Emergency, a $7,000 treadmill for Neuro Rehab, and Biliblankets for jaundiced premies..  The way we paid for them is by selling Christmas plants.

Bulk orders for institutions, businesses, seniors' clubs, and churches will be delivered free and with some flexibility on dates as will deliveries to businesses and professional offices. If you know places which usually buy plants, perhaps you can encourage them to buy from the Auxiliary to support our goal of purchasing a very sophisticated electric stretcher for the Emergency Department this year.

As you know, last year the plants were THE BEST in Victoria.  Grown at Hilltop Greenhouses, a local business, the poinsettias and planters were economical, strong, beautiful, long-lasting, and well wrapped.  I feel confident offering this product to any company or institution as well as your friends and neighbours. 

People can make purchases from this site or pick up a brochure in the hospital shop.  You will see the reasonable prices.  We'll have them ready for  pick-up or delivery for you.  This year's committee is Carolyn Haines, Lisbeth Ball, and Margot Hogg.

New Brochure coming soon!


For reference, here is the 2017 Brochure

Downloadable Brochure

Let me know if you have questions or comments. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Val Smith, President


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