Poinsettias For Patients

Poinsettias For Patients

Poinsettias for Patients campaign works for everyone.  The hospital gets some valued equipment; the Auxiliary makes the money to do it; and you get fantastic plants for Christmas.

Top quality

The Poinsettias For Patients plants have their own special place in the greenhouse and the best plants.  A ten-inch pot doesn’t sound so big, but the plants in it are three feet high and three feet around and they last for months and months.  “I’m the most satisfied customer  of all,”  says Auxiliary Past President Val Smith.  “The biggest problem is fitting it into our Miata.  The big one can stand alone in the centre of a hall table in a palace, or on  top of a bookshelf, or on the floor in front of the fireplace.”  So we have delivery by Incredible Closets for only $10 .  See our newest items -- the little Norfolk Pine and our FrontLine Santa to thank our essential hospital workers.

Island grown

Hilltop Greenhouses grows thousands of holiday plants right here in Victoria.
Poinsettias take about six months; the cuttings arrive from all those warm countries mid-summer.
Shoppers are urged to buy local, encouraged by the locavore movement.  Here’s an opportunity to shop for locally produced holiday plants.  The Greenhouses have been here for  over three decades, supplying florists and big box stores.  They grow the Poinsettias For Patients plants specially for us.  You can also place your orders on the same site.

Safe for all

Worried about your pets and kids?  “Despite urban legends, poinsettia plants are not deadly poisonous as many people believe” said Edward Krenzelok, PharmD, director at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.  He along with most of the internet say that poisoning is far-fetched.  Our cat-lover, Howard, says that no self-respecting cat would ever try one, let alone eat enough to get to that gooey white sap.


This year the hospital Auxiliary will improve things in the ambulatory lab at 2North.  In the past, with the help of the Victoria Hospitals Foundation, the Vic General Auxiliary has purchased a $7,500 blanket warmer for our babies, an $11,000 stretcher for Emergency, a $7,000 treadmill for Neuro Rehab, and Biliblankets and a Bilirubin meter for jaundiced premies..  The way we paid for them is by selling Christmas plants.

Thank you to all our 2019 buyers for helping us to buy a Biliruben Meter to treat jaundiced babies.

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We would like to give special thanks to Incredible Closets (and their delivery van) who spent a day out in the rain helping get your flowers delivered as well as PixelSplash who set up the online ordering store for us this year.

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