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Media Graphic Assets

 These files are provided for anyone needing to use the logo or letterhead of the Victoria General Hospital Auxiliary.  Most users will select the "Bitmap" button to the right of the graphic they need.  Vector formats are for professionals. 

Once you have selected the file you need, you may simply click on the button which will either initiate a download automatically or it will display the image.  From there you may right-click and select the "download" or "save" option. 

You may use these files for any approved purpose of the Auxiliary and they may be sized as needed.  If your use requires other changes, please contact us for help (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Letterhead - only to be used by authorized VGHA personnel

 vgha letterhead color white

Bitmap format (PNG)

Vector format (EPS) 

Logo - With Circle

 Logo Light Circular  

Bitmap format (PNG)

Vector format (EPS)

Logo Dark Circular   Logo Dark Mono Circular  Logo Dark BW Circular

Bitmap Color Dark

Bitmap Mono Dark

Bitmap BW Dark

 Logo - Square 

Logo Light square

Bitmap format (PNG)

Vector format (EPS)

Logo Dark square    Logo Dark Mono Square  Logo Dark BW Square  

Bitmap Color Dark

Bitmap Mono Dark

Bitmap BW Dark


For Internal use only

Photoshop and Illustrator Base Files

Thursday, 01 September 2016 12:46

Oasis Update

Oasis Update in: Oasis Project


The hospital Auxiliary has created “Oasis@3North: A project of the AUXILIARY”.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013 16:52

Make a gift or make a payment here

You can elect to support us in several different ways...

Of course you can always buy great stuff at our shop in the hospital, where you will find best-sellers for $4.99, fresh flowers which we will deliver to the patient, giftware that is weird and wonderful, sleepwear, hats, décor items, jewellery, sundries, and of course snack food.

You will often find us out in the concourse selling nummy Purdy's chocolate bars too.

You can order long-lasting, strong, and beautiful locally grown holiday plants on this website.

Or you can give us a donation and the official tax receipt will be issued directly from this site or you can click the CanadaHelps button. We are a Canadian charity #888879392RR0001

If you have a business, perhaps you wish to participate by donating funds or in providing patients with poinsettias or giving us product to sell or helping withthe Oasis project.

And lastly, you can donate yourself.  Join us and get involved in fund-raising.  Men, women, teens -- you're all welcome!

PAYMENT:  Should you wish to make a payment, please use the "Payments" button instead.  If you are ordering Christmas plants and want them delivered, please include the delivery charge and your address.



Below is our shopping list for this year:

For: Your Hospital

With love from: Your auxiliary

Lab Medicine- Chemistry Urinalysis Strip Reader 1              56,437.35
Emergency Vernacare Macerators 2                16,608.90
Audiology Middle Ear Analyzer 1                10,000.00
Nursing - Surgical Daycare Blanket warmer 1                  5,924.64
    Total                88,970.89
VGH - Breast Imaging 9L Breast Imaging Ultrasound Probe 1                  8,897.00
VGH Intensive Care Unit GlideScope AVL Single Unit Laryngoscope System 1                16,134.36
Therapy Services Neuro Gym Sit to Stand Trainer 2                12,191.36
Acute Care Pediatrics Bili Blanket (NeoBlue) System with Large Pad 3                20,841.00
    Total                58,063.72


Special partnership with Victoria Hospitals Foundation

Poinsettias 4 Patients

to fund anothe Biliblanket for babies

so please decorate with us!



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