Friday, 15 March 2019 09:11

Poinsettia sales buys meter

The Victoria General Hospital Auxiliary is pleased to announce they have purchased four Bilirubin Meters for the NICU at Victoria General Hospital. 

In conjunction with the Hospital’s Foundation through our Poinsettia’s For Patients Fundraiser we raised over $4200 which went towards the purchase of one Bilirubin Meter at a cost of $9,986.91 each.  The other three were purchased through sales at the gift shop at Victoria General Hospital.

            Jaundice occurs when the liver cannot break down red blood cells fast enough.  The liver produces a substance called bilirubin which leads to the yellowing of skin.  Being able to monitor bilirubin levels in infants is important because persistent neonatal jaundice can cause permanent brain damage.  By using the bilirubin meter, doctors can determine whether more aggressive treatment is needed.

The Auxiliary is an independent charity which fund-raises for the hospital.  Both Victoria General Hospital and the Auxiliary recently celebrated their 35th anniversaries.  The all-volunteer-run hospital gift shop is the main source of revenue, but the Auxiliary holds other sales, such as Purdy’s Chocolates and New and Nearly New Sales, and sells poinsettias at Christmas to companies, friends, even Government House.

Free Wifi for patients, their friends, families, and staff and “The Oasis @3North:  A project of the AUXILIARY” are our biggest projects to date.   

The Auxiliary is always looking for new members to fundraise and volunteer in the gift shop.  Anyone interested in volunteering with the Auxiliary can find out more information at or stop by the gift shop.