Saturday, 05 June 2021 12:38

Local artists create mural at hospital




Artist Statement from Marcela

Six years ago, I got the phone call no mother ever wants to get. My son Mateo was not feeling well, was throwing up at school and I assumed he had the stomach flu. It wasn’t. At the age of 15, he had a ruptured AVM -- a brain aneurysm -- which required immediate emergency surgery. He spent eleven days in a coma, 21 days in PICU and about two months in the hospital. He has recovered miraculously well. He has no significant collateral issues left over from such an event and not a day goes by that I am not grateful for the outcome.

I am certain none of this would have been possible without the outstanding care he received at VGH. The doctors and nurses worked nonstop, the specialists and therapists were amazing and every one of them showed us kindness and dedication. There’s no doubt in my mind that we have the best medical teams right here on the island.

I am grateful for the Hospital Auxiliary for giving me this opportunity to help young people feel more comfortable during their visit. A special thank you to Rose Cobb, Sharlene Stushnov, Carole Finn, Deborah Czernecky, Kathy Cameron, Doerst Norwich Young and Ken Faulks. It wouldn’t exist without their help and willingness to say ‘yes’!


About Marcela

Marcela Strasdas is an Argentinian-Canadian painter who loves painting landscapes, still-lifes, and florals mostly in acrylics and oils. She is greatly inspired by her love of travelling and gardening which she translates into colourful, vibrant paintings depicting the beauty found in everyday life. 

She is constantly inspired by the simple wonders in nature around her, preferring to always focus on the good, the positive, and the beautiful in the world. 

Marcela Strasdas:

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