Tuesday, 29 December 2020 09:07

Poinsettia sales fund Out-patient improvements

The Victoria General Hospital Auxiliary is pleased to announce they have purchased three Virtual Reality headsets and a mural the CFAU at Victoria General Hospital. 

marcela strasdasThrough our Poinsettia’s For Patients Fundraiser we raised over $8,000 which went towards the purchase of three Virtual Reality headsets and a mural/decal by professional artist Marcela Strasdas.  Over seven thousand children have to use the out-patient lab at Vic General.  The Auxiliary has committed to improving the old facilities and has started with 2 things to help the kids especially.  Three VR headsets will suit the little ones and larger ones, with one just for those on the autistic spectrum.  Those, along with beautiful art will help nervous children relax and have a nicer experience.

The lab at 2North has not changed much since the building was built in 1983, but the clientele has grown.  It's a bit confusing and noisy and the Auxiliary will help with needed improvement over the next few years.   

The Auxiliary is an independent charity which fund-raises for the hospital.  Both Victoria General Hospital and the Auxiliary recently celebrated their 37th anniversaries.  The all-volunteer-run hospital gift shop is the main source of revenue, but the Auxiliary holds other sales, such as Purdy’s Chocolates and New and Nearly New Sales, and sells poinsettias at Christmas to companies, friends, even Government House.

Free Wifi for patients, their friends, families, and staff and the Oasis @3North:  A project of the AUXILIARY are our biggest projects to date.   

The Auxiliary is always looking for new members to fundraise and volunteer in the gift shop.  Anyone interested in volunteering with the Auxiliary can find out more information at www.vgha.ca This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or stop by the gift shop.