Friday, 28 December 2018 08:35

Margot Hogg new President

Margot Hogg replaces Valerie Smith (above) as Auxiliary President.


Margot Hogg moves from being First Vice-President to President on the resignation of 11-year President Val Smith.  The Board of the VGH Auxiliary appointed Hogg to complete Smith's term.  Smith is now the Past-President.

In her letter of resignation, Smith mentions some of the Auxiliary accomplishments over the last decade:

After being without a First Vice-President for sometime, we are now in a position make a change. As of January first, I will resign as President.

It’s been quite a time of changes at the Auxiliary, what with buying the concourse furniture, push chairs, and cafeteria plants, Poinsettias for Patients, creating the Oasis@3North, celebrating our 35th year, installing the biggest decal I’ve ever seen, and then bringing free public Wifi both here and somewhat to other sites, too....

Thanks to all the Board who have done a great job in their respective slots and as a group. I appreciate it all.