Friday, 05 October 2018 08:51

Can you hear me?

OK, so maybe they didn't include the drum kit but... 

 We usually do the donating -- but this time we at the Auxiliary are the grateful recipients.  Multi-media Services (Robert Martin & Michael Chmara specifically) responded generously to fill a need for us.  A new configuration of sound/audio in our meeting room resulted in losing the mic at the podium.  President Val Smith went to Mike to see if we could get some sort of audio (since we are not as hearing-adept as we once were).

Soon after that Robert Martin PhD contacted me and donated an independent system which allows us to operate a cordless microphone without even needing an electrical outlet.  Our Communications Team will set it up for our meetings, in any location, and we will have a mic.  It will also play music or something else from a phone or ipod.

It is stashed away because it is VERY "stealable."  After we have used it, it will be plugged in for half a day or so to recharge the battery so it will be ready for the next time.

When you see it, you will be surprised how compact and basic it is -- nothing like the joke illustration at the beginning of this item.  A big thanks!