Wednesday, 19 September 2018 12:00

At last! Free Wifi for all of us

Everyone toasting the Auxiliary for providing free Wifi Everyone toasting the Auxiliary for providing free Wifi photo by Howard Smith

The Auxiliary is picking up the tab for Wifi.




Keep in touch at Vic General:  Wifi for all!

VICTORIA – The Auxiliary at Victoria General Hospital joyfully announces it is providing free Wifi for everyone – patients, visitors, and volunteers at its View Royal site.  We invite everyone in the hospital Thursday September 6th at 10 o’clock to show the Auxiliary how you really feel.

IMG 3532 MediumIMG 3528 MediumAuxiliary President Val Smith and Site Director Sharon Parkes at left and Carolyn Haines and other members.  Val smiles from ear to ear.  “After 4 long years of nagging and negotiation and technical advancements at the site, we are thrilled to sponsor public Wifi,” she bubbled.  Two Auxiliary board members have carried this through.  Both Carolyn Haines and Candace Verners have spent weeks in Vic General.  “Having access to free Wifi while hospitalized will be a huge asset!  Fewer worries for families, as communication lines will be open 24/7,” says Carolyn.  Candace talks about the prohibitive expense, “It is so easy to use up your data plans quickly when in hospital and it can be very costly when that happens.  Having access to free wifi  is going to reduce the financial burden and open up communication with the “outside world” and patients and families will feel less isolated and alone.”.

The Auxiliary is an independent charity which fund-raises for the hospital.  Both Vic General and the Auxiliary are celebrating 35th anniversaries.  The all-volunteer-run hospital shop is the main source of revenue, but the Auxiliary holds other sales and sells poinsettias at Christmas to companies, friends, even Government House.


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“The Oasis @3North:  A project of the AUXILIARY has been our biggest, most wide-ranging, and visible project so far,” Smith says.  “It opened up a huge 3rd -floor rooftop to patients, visitors, volunteers, and staff, full of people visiting or just decompressing.”

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