CONVENOR, Concourse Sales

Joy McBride


Named by the Shop Convenor to serve at her/his pleasure.


To plan and supervise sales of chocolate bars in the concourse; make orders, keep records, and handle volunteers.


- Dealing with Purdy's.

- Setup for sales: Purdy’s chocolates are in the locked top drawer of the filing cabinet. Key to open drawer to the right of the bulletin board.  Extra bars are in the flower room[ in the locked part where cart is.  Float money is $20 in a  zippered bag. Count the float at the beginning of the shift.  Take several boxes of dark and milk bars. Each box contains 20 bars.  The bars are $2. There are no taxes.

At end of shift return float money to the locked filing cabinet drawer.  The extra money from the sales of the bars are to be put in a blue plastic bag [located in the filing drawer] as well the usual form showing Date, Name, Shift and Amount. the blue plastic bag to be rolled and an elastic band put around it and place it in the safe.  Any donations to be recorded on the sheet listed as “donation”.  Sign book in the filing cabinet drawer putting the number of bars sold and your name.


- Organizing & managing the volunteer sales staff.

- The money made from the bars is Auxilary money not shop money, so is dealt with by the Auxiliary Treasurer.

- Checking stock.

- Inventory at the end of March each year.

- Report to the members each meeting.

-Sheila O’Brien collects the money from the safe, counts it and returns it to the safe for the treasurer to get.

- The convenor orders the bars from Purdy’s at1-800-661-2378. The order number is 20024.