Margot Hogg -- President


Elected AGM  2019-20; 2 years, maximum 6 if the 1st Vice-President position is vacant.

The President is an officer of the Board & must have been a member in good standing for over one year.  Ideally the President will move up from 1st Vice-President.


Presides at meetings of the Board, general meetings, annual meetings or other meetings dealing with the business of the Auxiliary.

Attends or appoints a deputy to attend meetings called by Island Health or other meetings to represent the Auxiliary.  The President shall report to the Board & the general membership


- Presiding over General Meetings

- Presiding over Executive Meetings

- Attending or sending a delegate to Island Health or other meetings and reporting back to the Board and the general membership.

- Presiding over the Annual General Meeting

- Rooms should be booked

- When the wishlist becomes available, edit it to eliminate the items which are not suitable or too expensive.  The final list will be presented to the membership and included in the Annual Report.