Kay McQueen, Bookkeeper, Nancy Turley, asst


Named by the Shop Convenor to serve at her/his pleasure.

The Buyer shall assist the Convenor and perform delegated duties.


Keep shop accounts

Allocate funds

Report to Manager & membership monthly


1. Daily/Weekly:

  • Pick up mail from Administration.
  • Collect paperwork (packing slips, etc) from the lower level of the two tiered letter tray to the right of the filing cabinet in the shop staff room.
  • Open and sort mail, for the buyers and Board.
  • File invoices and packing slips in alphabetical order in the folders to the left of the desk.

2. Payables

  • Check for invoices with discounts for quick payment
  • All invoice payments need to be done by the due date.
  • Entries from the cheque stubs are made in the Payables Journal.  It is important to break them down into the correct category.  At the end of the month, add a column and balance it, ready for posting to the Ledger. 

3. Petty Cash

4.  Deposit Slips

5.  Ledger

6.  Bank reconciliation

7. Ledger

8. Bank Reconciliation

9.  Report to Auxiliary Meetings

10.  Inventory

11.  Year end, Audit

12. PST and GST

  • PST must be paid by the end of the month.
  • GST is paid every three months – April, July, October and January.

13.  Cash drawers

  • Cash drawers are counted by the shop volunteers at the beginning and end of each shift and should have $300.00 in them.
  • The proceeds from the shift (cash and charge slips) are put in a zip lock bag with a paper slip clearly showing the volunteers names, the date and the amount. The bag is rolled lengthwise, secured with an elastic and put in the safe.  If this isn’t done the risk is that the bag will get stuck. The tapes from the cash register are attached the back of the Daily Cash Sheet.


Annually, March 31  oversee shop inventory