Margot Hogg


Elected January 2019 to replace resigning Val Smith; 2 years, maximum 6 if the 1st Vice-President position is vacant.

The President is an officer of the Board & must have been a member in good standing for over one year.  Ideally the President will move up from 1st Vice-President.


Presides at meetings of the Board, general meetings, annual meetings or other meetings dealing with the business of the Auxiliary.

Attends or appoints a deputy to attend meetings called by Island Health or other meetings to represent the Auxiliary.  The President shall report to the Board & the general membership


- Presiding over General Meetings

- Presiding over Executive Meetings

- Attending or sending a delegate to Island Health or other meetings and reporting back to the Board and the general membership.

- Presiding over the Annual General Meeting

- Rooms should be booked through the Site Director  a year in advance.  General Meetings are held at 11 o'clock on the third Tuesday of each month in the Lecture Hall, with the exception of July and August when no meeting occurs, and December which is on the second Tuesday.  Executive meetings are held in 1814 near the cafeteria at 11 am on the first Monday, except for holiday Mondays when it is a week later.  The Board may alter these.

- A permit for a bake table is only required for jams.

- The Knitting Committee will leave a layette and card in the office and on New Year’s Day you pick it up and sign the card and visit the New Year’s Baby.

- Basic requirements for an AGM are agenda, minutes, financial report, list of members in good standing, the wishlist if it is available, a motion to accept all the actions of the Board in the past year, and the election.

- When the wishlist becomes available, edit it to eliminate the items which are not suitable or too expensive.  The final list will be presented to the membership and included in the Annual Report.

- IH pays for insurance.  When the forms come in the President should complete them and turn them over to the Treasurer and Secretary for final completion and sending back.  If there is an invoice, it should be sent to the liaison.

- The lecture room is to be booked.

- The Annual Meeting precedes the June general meeting.

- An agenda should include -- date, location, time of the meeting; those eligible to attend & guests expected; reading & approving of Minutes & financial report; regular reports; old and new business; correspondence; date, time & location of next meeting.