David Hogg -- Treasurer


2 years, no limit


The Treasurer is an executive officer of the Board & must have been a member in good standing for over one year.  Control and record the finances of the Auxiliary.


- Receives all funds

- Keeps records

- Banking and payment of invoices.

- In conjunction with the Secretary deal with official financial matters, permits, & reports

- Oversees the financial dealings of all fund-raising activities and committees.

- Reports to the Board & the general membership.

- Assist the Board and perform duties delegated by the Board.

- Record and deposit all monies collected from gift shop, memberships, donations, fund-raisers, and other events.

- Receive money in cash, cheque, or electronically and record all details, including membership dues, ticket sales, etc.

- Prepare the year-end summary (March 31st) for the accounting company review/audit and to appear in the Annual Report prepared by the Secretary.

- Prepare a financial statement showing the balances, investments, revenues, and expenses for the month to present to the Executive meeting and then the General Meeting.

-- The Shop has a bookkeeper with their own bank account and parallel audit/review procedures.  The shop donates its profits to the Auxiliary, funds from which equipment for the hospital is purchased.