DIRECTOR, Meeting host & decorating

Lis Ball & Helen  Campbell -- Hostess & Decorating


The Director for Hostessing & Decorating is a member of the Board & must have been a member in good standing for at least one year.  Appointed by the Executive year to year.


- Acts as hostess for meetings, or appoints another member as hostess.

- Provides food and beverages required for meetings and decorating for special meetings.  Manages expenses with Board approval.

- Assisting the Board and perform duties delegated by the Board.


-  Reports to the Board and general membership.

- Providing tea, coffee & cookies at the end of each meeting.

- For special meetings such as the AGM and Christmas some decorating of the room makes it nice, usually assisted by other members.

- - She sets up a table usually against the north wall prior to the shop meeting and has everything ready 15 minutes prior to the general meeting.

-- She launders the table cloth monthly.

- For decorating, arrange with Crothall for sufficient tables, chairs, and cloths.

- Request a small budget to buy centrepieces or other necessities

- Prior to the meeting set it up and tear it down after.