Marina Howlett -- Shop Convenor/manager


At the pleasure of the Board

The Convenor may not be on the Board.

The Convenor is responsible for the day-to-day running of the shop and activities linked to it.


- Staffing the shop with adequate volunteers clerks, bookkeepers, scheduler of  staff, do the buying, and displaying of merchandise.

- Reports to the Board & the general membership.

- Assists the Board and perform duties delegated by the President or the Board.

- Appoints a person responsible for staffing the shop and making a schedule for same.

- Monitoring the schedule. 

- Put prospective vendors in touch w. appropriate buyer.

- Prepare an agenda for shop staff meetings in consultation with the bookkeepers and buyers. 

- Have working knowledge of the cash register and the swipe machine and who to contact when problems arise. 

- Meet with new members and orient and train appropriate people.

-- Revise as necessary the shop manual in consultation with Jennifer Duggan.

-- Signage for shop. 

- Ensure a sufficient supply of coinage.

- Staff meetings are monthly except for July, August and Dec. at 11 am in the Lecture Hall.  Be sure the President includes that in room-booking requirements.

- Inventory  March 31st each year.

- Write an annual report for the AGM.

- Most of the duties are ongoing and/or as needed. 


-The shop is an amazing collection of wonderful volunteers who will pitch in and help in any way they can when needed.  One only has to ask for assistance and it is forthcoming.   This demonstrates, I believe, the 'other' mandate of our organization--we are here for each other.