BUYER, Plush toys

Candace Verners -- Buyer plush toys


Named by the Shop Convenor to serve at her/his pleasure.  The Buyer shall assist the Convenor and perform delegated duties.


Order all plush toys, check, & keep records.


- Meet with various plush toy reps once or twice a year to review products.

- Order all plush toys, large and small.

-- Locate packing/invoice slip(s) in/on boxes, check number of boxes received against number of boxes received; unpack and price all plush toy orders.  Check goods received against goods ordered and check off on the enclosed packing/invoice slip.

-- As often as possible check displays of plush toys,replenish, and organize the displays.  Change up/rearrange the displays often to keep customers interested and coming back to see what’s new.

- When in other gift shops, make note of their plush displays, including price, new product, ways to display, etc.


- Annually, March 31  take inventory of all plush in the stockroom only

- Annually, Fall sale -- set aside any product that is not selling, for markdown in the Fall sale

- Seasonally:  put on display any seasonal product, e.g. Easter, Christmas

- Weekly:  replenish stock on display in the plush section and tidy.